With so many worthy charities… why donate to ECHO?

  • ECHO supplies emergency needs for food and financial aid to low income clients in the Springfield/Burke area. In addition, client families are offered three appointments per year to come in and choose clothing and household items that help them stretch their earnings. Additional programs for school supplies and holiday gifts provide additional assistance for clients.
  • Most donated goods go directly to clients. When ECHO has more than we need of particular items, we share with other charities whose missions and goals are in keeping with ours. Currently, our excess donations go to Medical Missionaries, Mission of Love, Salvation Army, American Rescue, the Mott Center and others.
  • Donated items that are not useful or appropriate for clients might be sold on consignment, on eBay, or at the semi-annual ECHO yard sales.  The money from these sales as well as money donated directly to ECHO is used to support our mission and goals.
  • ECHO does not give money directly to clients, but pays pharmacies, utility companies, landlords, or other vendors directly on behalf of clients.
  • ECHO is an all-volunteer agency.   
  • Administrative costs remain at about 1% of revenue.
  • Gifts are tax deductible and receipts are provided.